Making: Year 60 Quilt

The process in pictures

Planning, fabrics, tools, threads, techniques, stitches,  finish, documenting

The idea for the diary quilt was born many years ago at the 47th Venice Biennale, during 1997, when I saw an installation of small painted square canvasses by Korean artist, Ik-Joon Kang.  He commuted to work by train every day and carried these canvasses in his pocket – to paint his daily experiences.  Hundreds and hundreds of painted squares  filled an entire room and told a story of a sensitive and alert mind that took notice of his daily surroundings and used it creatively.   I was so moved by Throw Everything Together and Add, that I decided to use my own daily life and surroundings in a quilt. But it took more than ten years to start the project.

IMG_0116 - Version 4.jpgIMG_1123.JPGIMG_7171.JPGIMG_7805.JPGIMG_0886.JPGIMG_0893.jpgIMG_0896.jpgIMG_0895.jpgIMG_0948.jpgIMG_0891.jpgIMG_0889.jpgIMG_0923.jpgIMG_0924.jpgIMG_0925.jpgIMG_0931.jpgIMG_0935.jpgIMG_0941.jpgIMG_0904.jpgIMG_0910.jpgIMG_0953.jpgIMG_0944.jpgIMG_0939.JPGIMG_0958.jpgIMG_0961.jpgIMG_0957.jpgIMG_1048.jpgIMG_0930.jpgIMG_0965.jpgIMG_0920.jpgIMG_0917.jpgIMG_0981.jpgIMG_0964.jpgIMG_0974.jpgIMG_1007.jpgIMG_0976.jpgIMG_1004.jpgIMG_0897.jpgIMG_0960.jpgIMG_0952.jpgIMG_1002.jpgIMG_1012.jpgIMG_0959.jpgIMG_8110.JPGIMG_8087.JPGIMG_8057.JPGIMG_8081.JPGIMG_8126.JPGIMG_8594.JPGIMG_8688.jpgIMG_1105.jpgIMG_1107.jpgIMG_1112.jpgIMG_1111.jpg


My quilt companion, Jeannie, who sat with me for 365 days while I made Year 60 Quilt.

IMG_8816Year 60 Quilt on display at the Australasian Quilt Convention, Melbourne, 2017


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