Tips & Techniques



I use graph paper and double sided tape when I join Suffolk Puffs – to make sure that I get the first few rows straight. The double sided tape keeps the puffs in place while I’m stitching.


What to do with all those loose threads?  


This is my way of dealing with all the loose threads.  I pull them to the back and then  I lightly comb them with a soft brush before I fuse a thin stabiliser onto the entire back of the quilt – to trap the threads.  It saves a lot of time and gives the quilt an extra layer before I add the backing. 


I use a brush to fray the edges when I do raw edge appliqué



The way I burn the edges



Narrow strips of Steam-A-Seam2 – to help joining individual blocks.


Cutting and folding strips – to join individual blocks.


First iron on the fuse and then the folded strips – before stitching it all down.



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